Terminal Connectors

Terminal Connectors are used to connect various types of transformers to overhead electric lines or cables.

We manufacture terminal connectors made of aluminium, brass, and copper. We also make bimetallic connectors which have components of aluminium and brass and/or copper, and are used where 2 different metals have to be connected as in the case of connecting ACSR conductors to transformers having copper primary terminals. The use of bimetallic connectors prevents bimetallic corrosion.


  • Minimum thickness of Aluminium at any point is 12m.m.
  • As per IS-5561-1970
  • All sharp corners are rounded off to avoid corona and radio interference.

Range: 11Kv to 400 Kv

Materials Used


  • Extruded Components E.C. Grade
  • For Pipes D.H.P. Grade


  • Cast Components L.M.-6 Alloys
  • Extruded Components E.C. Grade


  • Free Cutting Brass


  • Mild Steel Galvanised
  • Stainless Steel

All other specifications as per customer requirements

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